Many employers generously offer matching gift programs to benefit local public schools. Because the Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under the provisions of IRS code 501(c)(3), we are able to receive matching contributions from employers. Some of the companies that make matching donations include:

    • MidAmerican Energy
    • DuPont Pioneer
    • The Principal Financial Group
    • Wells Fargo
    • John Deere


    The requirement for the matching portion of a contribution varies by employer. Employees wishing to donate to Ankeny Community Schools should send their contribution, along with their employer’s completed Matching Gift Application/Grant Form to the Ankeny School Foundation. The Foundation will certify the gift; forward the initial donation as designated by the donor, and file for the matching funds to the appropriate institution.

    If the matching institution is not one of the above-listed companies, the donor is asked to provide a copy of their company’s program requirements. Matching funds will be handled in compliance with the company's program.

    The use of any gift made to the Foundation may be designated by the donor. Payroll deductions or other contributions designated for a specific purpose will be forwarded to the intended recipient as donor-designated funds. The matching portion of the gift will be applied for and held in accordance with the specific provisions of each company’s gift program.

    For more information

    Call 515-289-3950 or email ankenyschoolfoundation@yahoo.com.